Self Financed, Free from Politics & Smoking
College Code : 1375 | EIIN : 108207 | NU Code : 6438

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Prof. Md. Shafiqul Islam


Dhaka Commerce College is self-financed. It is an institution with an exception as it is free from politics and smoking. The students of this institution receive education both in Bangla and English medium with modern and scientific teaching techniques.

Dhaka Commerce College is a specialized institution for business studies. The prime goal of this institution is to enable the students to face the challenges of globalization in the 21st century by combining theoretical and practical education. To achieve this goal the institution follows academic calendar and course plan and continues academic activities in term system. Here the students are prepared for ultimate success through regular class tests along with monthly and term examinations.

 In Dhaka Commerce College a student is not kept only within textual activities. Rather he is given proper teaching to make himself educated for the sake of his overall development. Dhaka Commerce College has a group of dedicated and active teachers. They cordially help and accompany the students to find the right path to reach their goal.

For creating a proper environment for higher education the institution frequently holds seminars by inviting renowned teachers from different colleges and universities of the country. The co-curricular activities of the college include annual river cruise and sports and cultural week. These co- curricular activities are organized throughout the year which contributes to the self development of both teachers and learners.

Apart from the higher secondary courses, Dhaka Commerce College also offer Honours and Masters courses in 8 courses. The students of this institution achieve astonishing success every year in different public examinations under National University. Besides, there is accommodation for the female students within the college campus.

Prof. Md. Shafiqul Islam
Advisor, Academic
Dhaka Commerce College

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