Self Financed, Free from Politics & Smoking
College Code : 1375 | EIIN : 108207 | NU Code : 6438


College Song

Dhaka Commerce College
We are an alert family
We will enlighten the campus
And this is our promise (twice)

Outdated thoughts abound in the campus
Removing them we will be an enlightened history

For the country
For the nation
We will forge a new pride (twice)

Learners can mould life through learning
And like the sun in unfathomed darkness can keep shining

With this faith
With this spirit
We’ll move on unrestrained (twice)

Writer: Md Hasanur Rashid
Associate Professor, Department of Bangla
Music: Sayed Hossain Sentu

DCC Ideal

Self-financed and smoking and politics free Dhaka Commerce College has a fundamental ideal- work and religion. That is, a learner has to acquire knowledge first and then (s)he will have to apply that knowledge in real life and this will be his/her religion. Because we believe that work without knowledge and religion without work is nothing other than cheating.

DCC Oath

I swear in the name of Almighty that I will be dedicated to the rules and disciplines of the college and will follow them sincerely. I will build up myself through excellent academic result. I will take care to build up a better character and will work sincerely to increase the reputation of the college. I will do all these for myself, for my family, for my successors, for my country and above all, for the whole human race. May Almighty help me. Aameen.