Self Financed, Free from Politics & Smoking
College Code : 1375 | EIIN : 108207 | NU Code : 6438


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DCC Ideal

Self-financed and smoking and politics free Dhaka Commerce College has a fundamental ideal- work and religion. That is, a learner has to acquire knowledge first and then (s)he will have to apply that knowledge in real life and this will be his/her religion. Because we believe that work without knowledge and religion without work is nothing other than cheating.

DCC Oath

I swear in the name of Almighty that I will be dedicated to the rules and disciplines of the college and will follow them sincerely. I will build up myself through excellent academic result. I will take care to build up a better character and will work sincerely to increase the reputation of the college. I will do all these for myself, for my family, for my successors, for my country and above all, for the whole human race. May Almighty help me. Aameen.