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Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities

Dhaka Commerce College has a unique achievement in its academic activities. Similarly, the students of this institution have won numerous awards at the national level.

The cultural activities of Dhaka Commerce College began with the celebration of the cultural week from 25-30 June 1990. Since then the annual internal sports and cultural week is being celebrated every year. The students participate in singing, dancing, acting, recitation, general knowledge, debating, art and in many other events in a festive atmosphere. The awards are given to the winners in a gorgeous ceremony. The students are also rewarded for attendance and outstanding success in Board and University examinations.

Every year special days like International Mother Language Day, Independence Day, Bangla New Year Day, National Mourning Day, Victory Day, etc. are observed with various programmes. Photo and art exhibitions are also held on different occasions as well.

Literary and cultural activities of Dhaka Commerce College have been gaining momentum with the club activities. There are a number of clubs in this institution which are supervised by the teachers. These include General Knowledge Club, Debating Club, Rotaract Club, Arts and Photography Club, Drama Club, Dance Club, Music Club, Recitation Club, Readers and Writers Club, Nature Study Club, Language Club, Voice of America Fan Club, Konika Blood Donation Organization, etc. The students are the members of these clubs. They participate in various career and social activities under these clubs. These activities help grow leadership qualities among the students.The courageous activities of BNCC cadets are admirable.

The annual magazine of the college, ‘Progati’, publishes writings of the students and the teachers which contribute to the development of the latent talents of the students. Other publications include Dhaka Commerce College Journal, Dhaka Commerce College Darpon, souvenirs, special publications, travel magazines, wall magazines, etc. which connects the ex-students with one another.

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