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Infrastructure of Dhaka Commerce College

Infrastructure of Dhaka Commerce College

Infrastructure of Dhaka Commerce College

Academic Building-1: A 11 storied building formally inaugurated on 2 January 1994. The total floor area is 10,600 square feet.

Academic Building-2: A 15 storied building. The foundation was laid on 5 July 1997. The total floor area is 7,000 square feet.

Administrative Building: Foundation of  this building was laid on 28 December 1994. Each floor contains a floor area of 3,400 square feet.

Residential Building-A: A 12 storied building. Foundation was laid on 4 November 1995. Construction was completed on 25 September 2015. Each floor is of 2735 square feet containing 2 units. There are 22 flats. It was inaugurated on 30 September 2000.

Residential Building-B: A 12 storied residential building. Construction was completed in 2011. Each floor contains 5,000 square feet and 4 units. There are  44 flats in this building.

Female Students’ Hostel: There is a 6 storied hostel containing 72 seats for female students with food and accommodation facilities at Rupnagor Road No. 6. There is a pleasant environment for study in the hostel.

Auditorium: There is a moderns and well equipped auditorium containing 1500 seats. Different programs of the college are held in this auditorium.

Gymnasium: There is a gymnasium on the 2nd floor of the female students’ hostel building. This gymnasium is equipped with modern instruments for exercise.

Play Ground:  There is a playing ground adjacent to the teachers’ residential area. There is a walkway around the playing ground.

Employees’ residence: In addition to the existing infrastructure there are 24 decimal plot in Nobaber Bag, near the flood protection dam in Mirpur and there are accomodation of 50 employees. There are 5 kathas plot in Rupnagor Road No. 5 and 5 employees family live there.

Shaheed Minar: Dhaka Commerce College Shaheed Minar highlighted the DCC campus and enlighten the college goodwill.

Masjid: Dhaka Commerce College Masjid is well dressed and well furnished.

Others: Principal’s and Vice Principal’s Quarters, Teachers’ club and Ladies club are about ready for the respectives.

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