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Games and Sports

Games and Sports

Since its inception Dhaka Commerce College has been contributing to games and sports as a part of its co-curricular activities. The students of this institution have achieved local and international recognition participating in different sporting events.

Achievements at National level:

Bangladesh Games: Being enlisted by Bangladesh Olympic Association, Dhaka Commerce College is the only college that participated in the inaugural and closing ceremony of the 8th Bangladesh Games in 2013. The fencing team of Dhaka Commerce College won 3 silver medals in this competition.

Japan Cup Karate Competition : Dhaka Commerce College Karate Team won 2 gold and 2 silver medals in the 4th Japan Cup Karate competition 2014 organized by Bangladesh Karate Federation and Japan Embassy.

BASHAAP Competition : Dhaka Commerce College became the champion at college level in the BASHAAP (Bangladesh Sharirik Attorokkha Poddhoti) competition in 2014.

Fencing : Dhaka Commerce College fencing team was founded in 2007. The player students of this team have made remarkable contribution at national and international level. Sajid Iqbal, a student of this institution, won a gold medal in the first national fencing competition. The fencing team of Dhaka Commerce College achieved the feat of being competition in 2010, 2012 and 2013.

Baseball : Dhaka Commerce College Baseball Team become the runner up in the first national baseball competition in 2014. At present the team is being coached by a Japanese Coach and is in a quite formidable position.

Rugby : Dhaka Commerce College Rugby Team secured the 3rd position in Inter College Rugby competition 2015 organized by Bangladesh Rugby Federation.

Floorball : Dhaka Commerce College Women’s Floorball Team become the champion and Men’s Team become the runner up in the first National floorball competition organised by Bangladesh Floorball Association.

Badminton and Cricket : Dhaka Commerce College Badminton Team won women’s singles & doubles in the Inter College Badminton Competition 2002 organized by Dhaka Education Board. The Men’s Team also became the runner up in singles in the same competition. In 2011 the team became the runner up in singles and became the Champion in Women’s doubles in 2013 and 2014. Apart from this, Dhaka Commerce College Cricket Team became the runner up in 2014 and the Champion in 2015 in the Inter College Cricket competition organized by Dhaka Education Board.

Besides, the institution also participates in Football and Handball competitions.


Participation at International Level: Asian Skating : Delwar Hossain, founder Secretary of Dhaka Commerce College Skating Club participated at Asian Skating Championship 1997 in South Koria.

Asian & World Cup Fencing : Samir, an expert fencer of Dhaka Commerce College fencing team participated in the world Cup Fencing Competition in Italy in 2012. Faiz Ahmed, the Physical Education teacher of Dhaka Commerce College, was the manager of the Bangladesh fencing team in the South Asian Championship in 2010 and 2012 held respectively in Chennai and Hyderabad of India.

World Youth Olympic : Said, s student of Dhaka Commerce College, represented the Basket Ball Team of Bangladesh in the world youth Olympic in Blijing in 2013.

Commonwealth Games : Rifat, a student of the Department of Marketing, represented Bangladesh in the commonwealth Games in Cycling event held in Glasgow, the UK , in 2014.

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