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Drama Club

Drama Club

Established: 2010

Moderator: Mir Md. Zahirul Islam Himel, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Bangla

Slogan: Let drama be a spontaneous protest against all evil.

Activities: Drama is performed in the prize giving ceremony of the annual literary and cultural week every year. The club also performs in the celebration of various red letter days. Rehearsal of the club goes on in room 907 of college building 2.The club usually organizes special shows on red letter days like International Mother Language Day, Independence Day, New Year day, National Mourning Day, Victory Day, etc. The Dance club also performed in a programme in Ekushe Television campus in 2010. The drama “Juta Abishkar” was performed by the club on Rabindra-Nazrul Birth Anniversary Celebrations in 2011. Besides, the club also performed a full length drama titled “1971” in 2012. The drama was written by Humayun Ahmed and directed by Himel Jahir. And another drama titled “Jonosrote Gonosrot” performed by the drama club was telecast from the Dhaka KHA campus of Bangladesh Betar in 2012. Though the club did not have any formal structure before 2010, three dramas performed by the members of the club were staged on various occasions. These are – “Shukhi Ke”, ‘Grohoner Kal”(24 march 2001) and “1971”. Besides, a drama titled “Nijbhume Porobashi” performed by a drama club of Faridpur provided considerable entertainment to the teachers and the students.

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