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Bangladesh National Cadet Corps (BNCC) is a voluntary organization and second grade defence force run under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Education simultaneously. The naval wing platoon of BNCC became operational in Dhaka Commerce College in 1998. Shamim Ahsan, teacher of the English Department, directed the first platoon. Later Kazi Faiz Ahmed became the commanding officer of the platoon as PUO (Professor Under Officer). Physical education teacher Faiz Ahmed acted as commander from 2001 to 2007. Getting commissioned (BTFO) from the Army Sub Lieutenant Faiz Ahmed has been commanding since 2007.

The cadets of Dhaka Commerce College platoon has been regularly participating in natonal and international flotillas and institutional programmes. Cadet Sergeant Himu of Dhaka Commerce College platoon participated in a programme on the occasion of the Republic Day of India in 1999. Later a number of cadets including CUO Nazmul in 2000, Sergeant Himel in 2001, CUO Sharif Dilnewaz in 2003, CUO Shahriar in 2005 and CUO Shezan in 2008 travelled India as state guest. Cadet Sergeant Mehnaz Khanom Brishti travelled Sri Lanka as state guest in 2012.

In the national parade on 16 December 2015 commanding officer of Dhaka Commerce College Platoon Sub Lieutenant Faiz Ahmed commanded the naval wing of BNCC.

Besides, the BNCC platoon of Dhaka Commerce College regularly participates in annual training camps, central training camps, flotilla training, exercise and various national programmes. Apart from these the BNCC platoon volunteers in maintaining discipline in annual sports, annual feast, annual prize giving ceremony, fresher’s reception, farewell of the examinees and other important programmes.

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