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Why Study at Dhaka Commerce College

Why Study at Dhaka Commerce College

Why Study in Dhaka Commerce College ?

Dhaka Commerce College is an exceptional institution with a rich tradition. The students of this institution receive updated knowledge and make astonishing achievements in the HSC exam in Dhaka Board. Along with this education they acquire a cultural identity and disciplined life. Discipline is the lifeblood of Dhaka Commerce College. After admission no student can smoke inside or around the campus and he will be punished immediately if he does so. No student can carry mobile phone in the college campus, no matter what the excuse is. If anyone is found carrying a mobile phone, it will be seized and his/her admission will be cancelled. Every student must carry the ID card issued by the authority. And no student is allowed in the college campus without the college uniform and the ID card.     

It is mandatory for every student to attend classes daily. Absence in the class is not allowed without the permission of the authority. If any student remains absent he/she cannot attend the class the next day without permission. The same is true in case of attending exams. A taka 50 fine for each day has to be paid for being absent without permission.

Dhaka Commerce College holds class tests and monthly and term exams on a regular basis. It is mandatory for each student to attend and pass these exams. With a view to creating a competitive attitude among the students the sections are reshuffled after each term exam based on the results of the students.

Admission of the students is also cancelled in certain cases when they fail to show any acceptable cause for failing in the exam. Students who fail in the second term exam are not promoted to the second year. And students who fail in the fourth term exam are not allowed to fill up the form of the board final exam.

In order to maintain academic excellence Dhaka Commerce College prepares and follows academic calendar.  In this calendar the subjects to be taught are divided into a certain number of class lectures and classes and exams are held according to this course plan. During classes and exams, a student has to sit on his/her respective seats. Medium of institution is both Bangla and English.

At present academic activities are going on in two multi-storied air conditioned buildings. There is a separate administrative building in the college campus. There is also an auditorium with 1600 seats and modern facilities. Besides, there is a hostel of 72 seats for the female students. And there are two twelve storied residential buildings that accommodate 66 teachers.

Moreover, there is a dormitory with limited number of seats for the meritorious poor students. Study tours are organized in industrial establishments, banks, share markets and historical places all over the year according to the academic calendar.

It is to be mentioned that Dhaka Commerce College began academic activities in 1989 with the Higher Secondary and B.Com (pass) courses. Honours and Masters courses have been offered from the session 1994-1995 under National University. Four Year BBA Professional course has been offered from the 1997-1998 session. The current courses offered include the Higher Secondary course along with Honours and Masters courses in Management, Accounting, Marketing, Finance and Banking, English, Economics, BBA & MBA program & CSE.

There are 6 student advisors for taking care of the students’ attendance and disciplinary issues. Besides, there is the guide teaching program and the guide teachers take care of each student as a guardian.     

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