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The students of Dhaka Commerce College are acquiring practical knowledge through study tours side by side with their academic activities. Study tours are organized every year for expansion of knowledge of the students and their mental refreshment and healthy entertainment.

River Cruise: Dhaka Commerce College organizes a river cruise every year which is popularly known as ‘Elishvromon’ (the Hilsha tour). The tour is made in a huge launch which takes the Dhaka-Chandpur-Dhaka route. Around one thousand students join this tour every year. This tour introduces the students to the riverine Bangladesh and her mind blowing beauty in the rainy season. The students can taste the fresh Hilsha fish of the river Padma. A gorgeous cultural program is also a part of this river cruise.

The Sundarban Tour: The Sundarban tour is a luxurious program of Dhaka Commerce College. Around 300 to 400 students join this one week tour. This tour enables the students to introduce themselves with the largest mangrove forest in the world. This bold and exclusive voyage takes students to Kuakata, Mongla, Hiron Point, Kotka and Dublarchar and enables them to realize the vastness of nature. This tour also introduces them to natural beauties and practical knowledge.

Picnic: Picnics are arranged every year in different parts where students from the Higher Secondary as well as Honours and Masters classes participate.

Departmental Tour: Almost all the departments of the college arrange tours in places like Cox’s Bazar, Saint Martin, Bandarban, Rangamati, Sylhet, Maynamati, Gozni, etc. Transcending the border of Bangladesh Department of Management, Accounting, Marketing and Finance & Banking have made study tours in India and Nepal. Different departments have published 10 tour souvenirs up to the year 2015.

Teacher's Tour: On different occasions the teachers have travelled the North Bengal, Sylhet, Rangamati, the Khagrachari, Mymensingh, Netrokona, India, Nepal and Bhutan. The teachers also organize picnics every year. Dr. Shafiq Ahmed Siddique, the Chairman of the Governing Body, has been hosting a gorgeous feast every year from 2010 where he invites all the teachers.

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