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Dance Club

Dance Club

Established: 2008

Founder Moderator: Trishna Ganguly, Assistant professor, Dept of Bangla

Present Moderator:  Ankanee Chakraborty, Lecturer Dept of English

Co-Moderator:  Nilanjana Sarker Nipa, Lecturer Dept of Physics

Slogan: Emerge with new ecstasy.

Activities: The folk dance that is performed on annual sports day these days was introduced by Trishna Ganguly. About 50 students participate in this dance. The dance is performed in every annual sports day prize giving ceremony. The dance club also performs in the celebrations of red letter days. It has won huge appreciation performing in Victory Day and Independence Day celebrations organized by Freedom Fighters’ Museum. The club performed in the Dhaka University Playground where group dance, folk dance and classical dance were the main events. The Dance club also performed in a program in Ekushe Television campus in 2010. Rehearsal of the club goes on in room 907 of college building 2. The club usually performs on red letter days like International Mother Language Day, Independence Day, New Year day, National Mourning Day, Victory Day, etc.

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