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Arts and Photography Club

Arts and Photography Club

Founding Year: 2006

Founder Moderator: Shama Ahmad, Associate Professor, Department of Management

Founder President: Mirza Sajol Raihan, M Com, Marketing

President (2016): Zihan Rashed, BBA, Finance & Bankng

Vice President (2016): Ariful Fuad, BBA, Marketing

Secretary (2016): Khawza Nishat Anam Tanmoy, BBA, Finance & Bankng

Objectives: The objective of the club is to encourage the students to express their feeling and thought through arts and photography and the vision of the club is make each member a perfect human being.

Club Activities:

  • 1. Regular Class (monthly 2 class):
    • i . Basic idea on photography and arts;
    • ii. Assignment
  • 2. Photowork (inside and outside Dhaka)
  • 3. Arts and photography exhibitions (Internal & External)
  • 4. Study tour
  • 5. ID card distribution



The Arts & Photography Society:
The Arts & Photography Society, a club of Dhaka Commerce College, is established for the rise of competitive Photography & Art platform. 
The Arts & Photography Society (APS)  of Dhaka Commerce College was founded for the Photography & Arts enthusiasts who found it useful to have an official insignia that would represent them both inside and outside of the college. As soon as it was founded in 2006, a lot of students who previously did photography or art on their own joined and enriched the number of creative minds of the club. There have been several exhibitions within the short lifespan of APS that have kindled the passion for 
photography and art among the current members and encouraged others into taking Photography and Art as a serious hobby. We are also scheduled to organize after-college training sessions to enrich the knowledge of our young minds. Several of our workshops are conducted by professionals.

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